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Don’t want to wait for Sunday? Have some medicated honey in tea, on toast, Or just have a spoon full (We won’t tell) 😉 at approx 125 mg of THC per tbsp it won’t take much before you’re feeling happy as can be.

PLEASE TAKE NOTE: The honey you receive, may not be exactly the color shown in the picture. The color will be directly affected by the color of the extract used to infuse the honey.

  • 1000mg THC/4oz
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1000mg THC per 4oz bottle.


The potential benefits of cannabis-infused honey depend on what you are infusing the honey with. A high-THC batch, for example, could help

  1. Boost appetite.
  2. Reduce nausea and vomiting.
  3. Aid restful sleep if you suffer from insomnia.
  4. Relax muscles.
  5. Alleviate chronic pain.
  6. Enhance mood

Of course, it will also ensure you get ‘high’, and while this is often a good thing for patients with medical problems

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1 review for Mrs. Green’s THC Honey

  1. David Peter

    I like having this honey in my coffee or tea

    • admin

      Its perfect for that!

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